• Michael C. Miller

Michael C. Miller

Aspiring Composer and Pianist

Music is a form of ultimate expression.

Op. 1 Prelude de Morte (completed) 
Op. 2 Piano Sonata No. 1 (D-sharp minor, completed) 
Op. 3 Two Short Pieces for Piano (completed) 
Op. 4 Prelude (completed) 
Op. 5 Elegie (completed) 
Op. 6 Intermezzo (completed- 2014) 
Op. 7 Two Short Pieces for Piano (completed) 
Op. 8 Four Preludes (completed) 
Op. 9 Poème (completed - 2014)

Op. 10 Cynicisms (completed) 
Op. 11 Deux Morceux (completed)
Op. 12 Deux Poèmes (completed)  
Op. 13 Two Bagatelles (completed)  
Op. 14 Piano Sonata No. 2 (completed)  
Op. 15 Deux Preludes (completed)  
Op. 16 Piano Sonata No. 3 (D minor, completed in summer 2014/submitted 4/2015)

Op. 17, Five Short Pieces for Piano (completed) 
Op. 18, Twenty-Four Preludes (in progress--most finished--will resume work summer 2016) 
Op. 19, Short Piece for Piano and Cello (completed)
Op. 20, Piano Sonata No. 4 (completed; started 4/12/15; completed 5/2/2015/being revised, started 5/2/2016
Op. 21, Two Short Pieces for Piano (completed)


Op. 22, Piano Sonata Nr. 5 (completed on 4.20.16, will publish over summer 2016)
Op. 23, Six Short Preludes for Piano (completed)
Op. 24, Piano Sonata Nr. 6

Sheet music

Last update
Piano Sonata Nr.5, Op.22
Classical / Sonata
Op.23 Nr.6
Classical / Piece
Most popular
  1. Thematic Index for Five Short Pieces for Piano, Op.17
    Classical / Piece
  2. Thematic Index for Preludes, Op.8
    Classical / Piece
  3. Poème de Désespoir, Op.15 No.1
    Classical / Piece
  4. Deux Preludes, Op.15 No.1
    Classical / Piece
  5. Deux Preludes, Op.15 No.2
    Classical / Piece


23 January 2017, News
Composing update
Greetings, all! I wanted to provide an update about my progress with my compositions. I completed my Fifth Piano Sonata last year in May. Additionally, I began revising my Fourth Piano Sonata last May and did some work on it in over the summer, but ...
03 May 2016, News
Op. 20, Piano Sonata Nr. 4
Greetings, Yesterday, May 2, I began revising Op. 20, Piano Sonata Nr. 4. In this post  you will find the handwritten sketch (sorry for the missing accidental on the upper B in measure 3) of the revised sonata along with the typed version. The ...