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03 May 2016, News
Op. 20, Piano Sonata Nr. 4
Greetings, Yesterday, May 2, I began revising Op. 20, Piano Sonata Nr. 4. In this post  you will find the handwritten sketch (sorry for the missing accidental on the upper B in measure 3) of the revised sonata along with the typed version. The original sonata was 72 pages, and I am making it a goal to revise two pages a day until the revised sonata is complete. 
02 May 2016, News
Op. 20, Piano Sonata Nr. 4
I am finally getting around to revising Op. 20, Piano Sonata Nr. 4. My goal is to revise the notation for easier reading and trim the work down from 72 pages... The revisions will take some time as I am working on other projects at this time, namely: Op. 24, Piano Sonata Nr. 6 Op. 25, Amorphisms Op. 26, Piano Sonata Nr. 7 Op. 22, Piano Sonata Nr. 5 is finished, but it won't be published until over the summer.
25 Apr 2016, News
Another Update
During the summer of 2015, I began composing a set of 24 preludes. Most are finished, but time ran short, so I will be finishing the set over this upcoming summer during my three-month  summer vacation. Additionally, a few weeks ago I started Op. 22, Piano Sonata Nr. 5, and it is now nearly finished. I will be publishing it this summer ( 395 measures, 32 pages).   I shelved my original ideas for Op. 24, Piano Sonata 6 and started fresh on 4.25.16. This will be my first three-movement ...
04 Jun 2014, News
Update on Current Works
At present, I am finishing my second piano sonata (Op. 14) and my first rhapsody (Op. 16). Additionally, I intend to write a few more piano miniatures for my Op. 10, Cynicisms (Book I). As it stands, I have 20 pieces for this collection. Towards the end of June/early July, will publish all completed works. I will also enter the code required for folks to obtain complete scores of my completed works. I am contemplating offering them at significantly reduced prices in order to get my music ...
21 Jan 2014, News
Update on Op. 6 Piano Sonata No. 2 and Op. 10 Cynicisms
Tonight I finally worked a little more on my Op. 6 Piano Sonata No. 2. I revised the opening and have added new material. This piano sonata I intend to take more time to write than I did my first sonata (Op. 2). Regarding my Op. 10 Cynicisms, I have 14 pieces in the set so far, and among those 14, 12 are completely finished. Two of the 14 have starts, but I am deciding where I want to take them from there. I will continue to write these piano miniatures through 2014. I intend to publish one book in ...
12 Jan 2014, News
Update on Op. 8 Four Preludes and Op. 10 Cynicisms
Op. 8 Four Preludes are ready to be published. I will post a thematic index today. Sometime this upcoming week, I will submit all four preludes for publication. My Op. 10 Cynicisms is going very well... I am on my tenth miniature in the set. I may post these piano miniatures in two livres (books). One book (Jan - June), the other book (July-December). Because I only started composing seriously in Oct. 2013 and I know I have a long way to go as a composer, I decided to write piano miniatures to keep me in ...
05 Jan 2014, News
Op.10 Cynicisms
I have started Op. 10, which I am calling Cynicisms. This work will be a set of piano miniatures. I started this work on 1/3/14, and I already have two pieces nearly finished. I am not sure how many pieces will be in the set yet. I will write these minatures while working on Opp. 6, 7, and 9.
03 Jan 2014, News
Op. 5, Elegie and Op. 8, Four Preludes
I will be submitting Op. 5, Elegie for publication today (1/3/14). This piece is 13 pages and is written in B-flat minor. I am nearly finished with Op. 8, Four Preludes. I am finishing the fourth and final prelude in the set (Vivace Frenetico), and I project finishing this fourth prelude within the next few days, if not sooner - in fact, it is almost done. The other three preludes in the set are finished (ironically, they were not finished in chronological order). Regarding Opp. 6, 7, and 9, ...
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23 Dec 2013, News
Update on Piano Compositions
Great news! Today, I completed Op. 3, Two Short Pieces for Piano. My original ideas for these pieces I started in October I ditched and started fresh. Interestingly, Op. 3 was finished after Op. 1, 2, 4, and 5 were finished. These completed works will be posted within the next two weeks. I would like to do one more proof session with each before I publish (post). I am continuing work on my other works, also.
01 Dec 2013, News
Op. 2 Piano Sonata No. 1 & Op. 5 Elegie
Date:11/30/13 My Op. 2 Piano Sonata is finished (draft completed Nov. 29). I will let it rest a few days and begin a final review. This sonata will be published in late December. Today, I resumed work on some earlier piano compositions I started but set aside so I could focus exclusively on my Op. 2. Specifically, I resumed work on my Op. 5 Elegie and it will be completed very soon. This composition will most likely be published in late December with my Op. 1. Op. 2, and Op. 4.
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