Michael C. Miller

Aspiring Composer and Pianist

03 Jan 2014
Op. 5, Elegie and Op. 8, Four Preludes

I will be submitting Op. 5, Elegie for publication today (1/3/14). This piece is 13 pages and is written in B-flat minor.

I am nearly finished with Op. 8, Four Preludes. I am finishing the fourth and final prelude in the set (Vivace Frenetico), and I project finishing this fourth prelude within the next few days, if not sooner - in fact, it is almost done. The other three preludes in the set are finished (ironically, they were not finished in chronological order).

Regarding Opp. 6, 7, and 9, after I complete Op. 8, No. 4, I will resume work on these already-started compositions.



Ksenia Nemera
05 Jan 2014
No more preludes,no more words, NO MORE SOUND TRASH from me. I forgot everything even speech, Sorry if can.............

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