Michael C. Miller

Aspiring Composer and Pianist

12 Jan 2014
Update on Op. 8 Four Preludes and Op. 10 Cynicisms
Op. 8 Four Preludes are ready to be published. I will post a thematic index today. Sometime this upcoming week, I will submit all four preludes for publication.
My Op. 10 Cynicisms is going very well... I am on my tenth miniature in the set. I may post these piano miniatures in two livres (books). One book (Jan - June), the other book (July-December). Because I only started composing seriously in Oct. 2013 and I know I have a long way to go as a composer, I decided to write piano miniatures to keep me in the "composing groove." Over time, I hope to get better and better at composing. 



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