Michael C. Miller

Aspiring Composer and Pianist

25 Apr 2016
Another Update

During the summer of 2015, I began composing a set of 24 preludes. Most are finished, but time ran short, so I will be finishing the set over this upcoming summer during my three-month  summer vacation. Additionally, a few weeks ago I started Op. 22, Piano Sonata Nr. 5, and it is now nearly finished. I will be publishing it this summer (395 measures, 32 pages). 

I shelved my original ideas for Op. 24, Piano Sonata 6 and started fresh on 4.25.16. This will be my first three-movement sonata, and I will be using tone rows as a framework from which to structure the composition. 


I. Mysterieux, modéré 
II. Menaçant, lent
III. Impétueux 

This will be one of my summer projects along with Op. 25, Amorphisms. 



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